Is the UFC 253 Under Threat for Not Happening?

Ever since the sad news coming from Khabib’s family, many people have been speculating about the future of the UFC 253. Some tended to the cancellation of the event, but some are optimistic with the continuation because it is still a few months away. Two months are enough for someone to mourn. But let’s not make everyone the same here since it will be Khabib’s own discretion to decide to keep going on or preferring to withdraw from the fight card.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

Despite the sad news, Dana White had revealed that Khabib Nurmagomedov will return despite the death of his father. While some experts suggested that the show is in uncertainty status, the officials are still up for it, at least they will do that if Khabib doesn’t say otherwise.

For those who haven’t known, Khabib Nurmagomedov’s father and trainer, Abdulumanap, passed away after struggling from the complications due to covid. Obviously, even if you are the strongest person in the world, it is impossible not to shed tears when your loved one leaves this world. It is sensible to think that Khabib needs more time to mourn and get himself back together.

But Dana White confirmed that he didn’t see any cue that the UFC 253 will be cancelled. The undefeated champion has yet to put a word about the cancellation. Dana claimed that he had managed to get in contact with Khabib. And he concluded that he saw the potential that the UFC 253 will still go on. Well, if you are like the other UFC fans, you might want to see your favorite fighters fight in the octagon in September.

Dana also added that he didn’t think that the upcoming fight card was off the table. He has just been waiting to hear from Khabib about the fight. He would not want to bother Khabib at this crucial time. Just like other people who are mourning, he would need to spare his valuable time to make a proper funeral for the loved one and pray for the best.

Dana White added that he would leave Khabib alone until he was ready to talk.

So, is UFC 253 under the threat? YES and NO. We know that the UFC 253 won’t be taken down so easily. Not to mention that it is still September. With all due respect, Khabib might be ready at that time. We know that he is a strong and determined guy. But for the NO answer, we’d never know how the death of his father impacts him. Well, imagine that you lost your father and your trainer. It will be a lot to handle. But whatever Khabib decides, we must respect him.

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